Quality control and transparency

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Quality Control and Transparency

Excellence in management

For over 45 years at Reference Laboratory Genetics we have been committed to offering our clients the highest quality and excellence in all of our products and services, providing the most comprehensive and advanced service for continuous improvement.

We take care of the smallest details in the whole process chain of the pre-analytic, analytic and post-analytic stages in order to achieve the best possible analytic result, applying a comprehensive management quality programme which includes various different aspects such as:

Internal quality control

Internal quality control permits the validation of the results of the genetic tests, the study and process of data obtained, as well as the optimisation of analytical methods.

External quality control

The continual and habitual participation in a large number of external quality control programmes organised by highly prestigious national and international organisms, represents a highly important work tool. Among other things, it allows us to do the following: evaluate different analytical methods according to their quality, validate the reliability of our results, evaluate the results obtained from different laboratories and support the continual training of our team as well as their technical skills and aptitudes.



Audits focussed on a series of internal and continual processes such as, control of meeting deadlines to publish results, requirements of our clients, registering incidences, of correct and preventative actions etc., allow us to increase the level of control of our work permitting us to meet the needs of even our most demanding clients.

Quality management system

Our commitment to quality has long since been recognised.

Originally in 1998 by obtaining the Company Registration Certificate nº ER-1087/1998, issued by AENOR, complying with the requirements stated in the law UNE-EN ISO 9001

Subsequently by obtaining the accreditation nº 1065/LE2112, issued by ENAC, adhering to the law UNE-EN ISO 15189, being one of the first Spanish laboratories to be accredited via flexible reach.

See the technical annex at www.enac.es.

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System of environmental management

Conscious of the need to respect, conserve and protect the environment we live in and carry out our daily activities, and as part of our ongoing improvement policy we are assured that the future will have to make rational use of natural resources.  In order to manage correct and appropriate process of the residue generated and in general the optimization of these processes, procedures and actions, all of which have an environmental impact we have focussed our action on the implementation of an environmental management system which will reach all environmental aspects deriving from our activities.

The collaboration and dedication of all of our team in achieving this objective was made clear when we obtained the Certificate of Environmental Management CGM-01/146 complying with the law UNE-EN ISO 14001, issued by AENOR in 2001.

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