VeriRef Gold®

Detection of aneuploidies and CNVs in all chromosomes in maternal blood

VeriRef® & VeriRef Gold®

Genome-wide non invasive prenatal testing

VeriRef® is a highly accurate NIPT that analyses the risk of aneuploidies in chromosomes 13, 18, 21, X and Y in the fetus, by studying the fetal DNA in maternal blood.

For those cases where more information is required, we have developed VeriRef Gold®, which detects aneuplodies and CNVs in all chromosomes.

Test code: 16200, 16203
5-10 mL maternal blood in a Streck tube

It is mandatory to send the informed consent with the sample

Why should you choose VeriRef® & VeriRef Gold®?

VeriRef® has the technical accreditation UNE-EN-ISO 15189. Includes satisfactory results of external quality control.

All the equipment: platform, software and consumables are CE-IVD marked

Carried out Spain, at Reference Laboratory Genetics’ facilities.

Shortest turnaround times: 3-5 working days.

Lowest failure rate: <0.1%.

Test supported by the largest number of publications (Verifi® and VeriSeq® by ILLUMINA)

VeriRef Gold® detects aneuploidies and CNVs in all chromosomes, detecting rare chromosomal aneuploidies.

Suitable for any BMI, ethnic group, in vitro fertilization and egg donation.

Quantifies in a detailed and very sensitive way the fetal fraction of each sample.

For high-risk results, we notify the prescriber health care professional immediately and offer FREE CONFIRMATION with QF-PCR or CGH Array from a sample of amniotic fluid.

Currently operative integration of results in any SIL of the Laboratory.

Technology: MPS-Massive Parallel Sequencing. Allow the extension of the study to new chromosomes.

As early as the 10th week of gestation.

VeriRef Gold®

Detects rare chromosomal alterations

Aneuplodies and CNVs (deletions and duplications) in all chromosomes

16% of the chromosomal alterations are not in chromosomes 21, 18, 13, X and Y. VeriRef Gold® detects less common chromosomal altera ons not covered by other NIPT technologies1,2.

The highest accuracy at your finger tips

VeriRef® and VeriRef Gold® are the most sensitive tests on the market, with the lowest rate of not obtaining results (< 0,1%) and the lowest rate of false positives (< 0,1%)3.

When are VeriRef® and VeriRef Gold® indicated?

Pre- and post-study genetic counselling

Dr. Manuel Martinez
Scientific Director

Dra. Cristina Camprubí
Head of Genetic
Diagnostics and

We offer pre- and post-study genetic counselling,
through personalised assistance with
Dr. Manuel Martinez and Dr. Cristina Camprubi,
specialist in Reproductive Genetics

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Noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) based on cell-free DNA analysis from maternal blood is a screening test; it is not diagnostic. Test results must not be used as the sole basis for diagnosis. Further confirmatory testing is necessary prior to making any irreversible pregnancy decision

1. Scott et al. Rare autosomal trisomies: Important and not so rare. Prenat Diagn 2018;38:765-71
2. Pertile M, Halks-Miller M, Flowers N, et al. Rare autosomal trisomies, revealed by plasma DNA sequencing, suggest increased risk of feto-placental disease. Sci Transl Med. 2017;19(405)
3. VeriSeq NIPT Solution v2 Package Insert

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How to order?

Ordering a test or Service from
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We accept a wide range
of samples

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