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A family business and
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Since its foundation in 1975, Reference Laboratory has established itself as one of the leading European laboratories in special analysis. We are the largest laboratory in Europe (15.000m2) and we currently collaborate with more than 400 hospitals and over 1,000 laboratories around the world. Reference Laboratory Genetics is our Genetics and Molecular Diagnostics Division.

Our passion is to develop new diagnostic tools that have a significant impact on the quality of life of patients and their families. We review each case individually and propose to carry out the most appropriate genetic diagnostic studies, always prioritising the interest and well-being of patients.

More than 300 people are part of our team, of which more than 70% are university graduates with an average of >15 years’ experience in clinical genetics, genetic counselling, molecular genetics, bioinformatics, cytogenetics, FISH and other relevant fields. We are also members of the AEGH (Spanish Association of Human Genetics) and the ESHG (European Society of Human Genetics).

We use cuting-edge technologies and services to provide health professionals with high quality, conclusive and reliable diagnostic tests, at highly competitive costs and turnaroundtimes. We perform all kinds of genetic studies at our facilities with our own resources: hereditary genetic diseases, study of solid tumours and liquid biopsy, oncohaematology and pharmacogenetics. The genetic reports we issue are personalised, clear and conclusive, in accordance with EMQN’s recommendations and the most rigorous international guidelines. They include interpretation of the results and necessary recommendations: prognosis, progression, possible treatment or recommended lifestyle habits, and medical alerts.

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