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At Reference Laboratory Genetics we are aware that each patient is unique. That’s why we work to support health professionals who request genetic studies from us throughout the whole diagnostic process.

From the beginning our team will assess which studies are most appropriate to each case, and the possible diagnostic algorithms. Subsequently, all the requests for genetic studies that we receive are checked by our genetic specialists with the aim of verifying the suitability of the studies requested, along with their informed consent, and make sure that they have all the necessary clinical information available in order to carry out the requested genetic study.

What’s more, we encourage the exchange of clinical information to carry out complete studies, specific and oriented towards a diagnostic hypothesis and to elaborate conclusive, clear and personalised reports.

Once the result report has been downloaded our clients can continue communication in order to receive a detailed assessment on the results obtained. In this way, health professionals highly trained in genetics as well as professionals with other medical specialities can be well prepared in order to provide the best genetic assessment to their patients.

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